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Point Place Mysteries

Imagine that Point Place and its people were real. Here are some things that would be peculiar:

~Why has Jackie, on multiple ocassions, worn a t-shirt with the initials J.S.B.? It was revealed in "Halloween" (208) that her middle name is Beulah.


~What is Red's real name? He has mentioned ( in "Grandma's Dead") that his mother was the first one to call him Red, meaning it is a nickname.

~What is Leo's last name? His last name has never been mentioned on the show.

~What country is Fez from?

~What is Fez's full name?

~How does a dark haired Italian (Bob) and a blonde (Midge) produce a red haired daughter (Donna). Even if Midge isn't supposed to be a natural blonde, I don't think she can be a red-head.


~What happened to Laurie?  She just disapeared with no explanation and was never seen or heard from again. She hasn't been mentioned on the show since the 3rd season.


~What happened to Donna's younger sister Tina?  Tina was 14 years old. She appeared in "Eric's Burger Job", then was erased from existence.


~What happened to Donna's older sister Valerie? Valerie was college age.  She was mentioned in "Eric's Birthday", and never mentioned again after. Donna is now an only child.

~How come Fez still lives with his host family (the Erdmans)? Foreign exchange students only live with their host parents for 1 full school year. Fez has been in Point Place since 1976, it is currently 1978.


~If Red installed a smoke detector (in "Reefer Madness") in the basement, how come the kids can still do "the circle" without any problems?


~Why is the giant pot leaf painting still on the water tower? The gang painted  it during season 1 ("Water Tower")  and it was still there during season 3 (Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die"). "Water Tower" took place in 1976 and "Too Old to Trick or Treat..." took place in 1977. I would think that Point Place would want to paint over the pot leaf rather quickly.


~Is Jackie a Sophomore or a Junior? Early on in the series there were mentions of Jackie being a Sophomore, which is a grade below the rest of the gang. In later episodes she is a Junior and so are Eric and the others. Examples: During "It's a Wonderful Life" (401) Jackie was at the 10 year high school reunion with the gang. Also, in "Class Picture" (416) she got her class picture taken with Kelso and everyone. She also stressed the importance of their yearbook quote.


~When did Eric and Donna meet? In a flashback scene during "Class Picture" (416) Donna and Eric meet for the first time when they are 7. This occured when the Pinciottis moved next door to the Formans. In the "Pilot" (101) Donna says to Eric "We've lived next door to each other forever. You could've had me when I was 4." This statement doesn't make any sense if Donna and Eric didn't live next door to each other when they were 4.


~How old is Kelso? In "Halloween" (208) we discover that Kelso failed first grade. This makes him 18, not 17 like everyone believed. Later in the series he's 17, the same age as Eric ect.

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Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Where Are You?

"Whoa-ho-ho, a mystery! One suitable for Scooby Doo and his gang of cartoon teenagers!" (Fez)